Artificial Hormone Helps to Build Your Muscle

The steroids have been used by many bodybuilders for years. It’s true that the steroids will help you to improve your muscle mass, but the excessive use of this particular organic substance can cause a lot of damages to your bodies, such as the brain cancer, violent behavior, bad breath odor, severe acne, development of breasts on men, and much more. These dangerous side effects have made so many bodybuilders stop using the steroids, and they’re now preferring the HGH instead. It’s actually the somatropin hormone which stimulates the growth of the human body.

Our body is actually producing this hormone, especially during our puberty phase. Unfortunately, as we are getting older, the HGH production in our body has been decreased. That’s why people are choosing the artificial HGH to support their body building activities. Although it still brings several side effects, those side effects are lighter than the steroid’s, and the most severe side effect of the HGH injection, which is the Leukemia rarely happens, so many bodybuilders are choosing this hormone to help them get the desired muscle mass.